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  • ●√ ol Bed in a boxOur mattress is shipped rolled, compressed in an easytohandle box√ Mattress dimensions: (38 x 74 x 10) (L x W x H)√ It fits all frames, box springs, wood foundation, etc√ even on the floor directly.
  • ●√ rranty & GuarantyOur warranty covers all manufacturing defects: sagging, dips, waves, bumps, and decompression issues√ Any question is welcome!
  • ●√ eathable Mattress to Sleep OnA ventilated design helps to increase airflow through the memory foam layer√ Better breathability makes for a more comfortable sleep environment.
  • ●√ ronger Edge Support This bed mattress has certain advantages over traditional innerspring mattress, such as better motion isolation, less noise, and longer lifespans on average√ The edge support of this mattress has been strengthened, sleepers will not roll off or be ejected from the mattress.
  • ●√ dy Conforming & Pressure RelivingResponsive open cell memory foam compress evenly under body weight and conforms to curves to alleviate common pressure points√ This Memory Foam Mattress has a certain amount of spring while also conforming to the body for targeted pressure relief, offering a balanced sleep experience for many individuals.

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White Twin

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