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  • Cool Cushion-This mattress has a gel-filled memory foam top layer, which is open and ventilated. Comfortable sleep can reduce sweat and perspiration in hot or humid weather, and the memory foam injected with gel means no more tossing and turning. The temperature-regulating foam keeps you cool all night. The gel-infused cool memory foam includes cooled gel beads to help reduce odors and maintain a constant temperature.
  • The comfort layer has a soft hand feel and can be used in combination with other materials to support and relax
  • The high-density support layer is our most stressful material in history-it can make your sleep deeper and younger. Thanks to the fast-rebounding base foam layer and the high-density, slow-rebounding gel memory foam layer, this mattress feels luxurious while helping you reduce stress.
  • The high-quality three-dimensional knitted top conforms to your every move and achieves better air circulation.
  • It also has a motion isolation function, which can reduce the transmission of motion between people sharing the mattress, thereby achieving quiet and deep sleep.

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