Fusion 2000 MLILY 13″ Hybrid Luxury Firm Mattress with Free Reverie 3E TECH Adjustable Base-Split King (2 Twin XLs

Double Jacquard Fabric: Our premium, knit double jacquard fabric is designed to provide advanced breathablitly and comfort. Quilted Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam: Our Performance Memory Foam is infused with bamboo charcoal and is quilted into the over, creating a layer that regulates moisture, odor, and temperature while adapting to your body’s individual pressure points.
Milily Air-Flow Gel-Memory Layer: Our Miliy Cooling Gel is infused into our aerodynamically designed Memory Foam, creating a cooler, breathable sleeping surface that adapts to you. 1.5″ Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam: What’s better than one Bamboo Charcoal layer? Two. Our Elite Performance Memory Foam is infused to create and added hypoallergenic layer that adapts to you. 1.5″
Flex Comfort Foam: Our Flex Comfort Foam adds another layer of comfort to create a more supple feel. 1.5″ Pocketed Springs: We’ve designed a specially fitted Hybrid Support-Spring to provide a complete and thorough foundation. High performance springs line the core of this mattress. 6.3″
Aero-Flex Border: Our aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air-flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and get to sleep faster. It’s also built with specially moulded joints to keep support even, from the center to the very edges of your mattress.
Flex Support Foam: We’ve added a final layer of our custom Flex Support Foam to provide an overtime level of support. 1.2″

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