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  • SPINE STAYS ALIGNED EVERY TIME – ALL NIGHT COMFORT FOR BACK, SIDE & STOMACH SLEEPERS: RELIEVE YOUR hip and back pain that has been plaguing you every morning. Thanks to our hybrid memory foam + 4 zone innerspring mattress design, the top foam layer contours to your unique body shape, while the reinforced coils in the bottom uphold your weight from caving in on itself - rated to support up to 285lb+
  • TOUGH YET ULTRA-SOFT: YOU ALREADY KNOW that most full size mattresses are either stiff as a rock or so flimsy that your body sinks in TOO MUCH, which relocates your spine, hips and shoulders out of alignment. Our Codi full mattress has a comfortable firmness rating of 7 for medium plush, and is built to last. We roll test our mattress 800000 times with a 140kgs weight to ensure unparalleled durability and performance.
  • NO FIBERGLASS OR LATEX FILLING- KEEP YOU & YOUR FAMILY SAFE: HAVE YOU RESEARCHED our competitors lately? Do it. You’ll find countless heartbreaking reviews of people who have inhaled harmful fiberglass that caused irritated skin and breathing problems. NOT SO WITH CODI. We kept your health our #1 priority! Keeping the bad out and making our foam mattress HYPOALLERGENIC. CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED.
  • TENCEL TOP LAYER KEEPS YOU COOL: NEVER AGAIN disrupt your sleep because of the volcanic heat permeating from your old, crusty full mattress. Our breathable top layer of Tencel fibers ventilate heat away from the mattress’ surface and are cool to the touch. NO MORE waking up in the middle of the night in a sweaty mess OR worrying about mold growing in your mattress!
  • THE LAST MATTRESS YOU'LL EVER NEED, Guaranteed: While most foam mattresses fall flat or lose their shape in weeks, forcing you to buy all over again, our hybrid memory foam mattresses are ENGINEERED in a CertiPUR-US lab, all wrapped in our STURDY reinforced coil design - so it's guaranteed to last you YEARS or we’ll replace it hassle-free at no charge to you!

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Twin/Twin XL

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