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  • 【MEMORY FOAM】The memory foam firm mattress offers superior support and comfort. A layered memory foam design provides absolute support for your body with increased air ventilation and breathability. To keep your king size memory foam mattress fresh for longer, you can remove the quilted cover for regular washing and then thoroughly dry it. Our king-size bed mattress dimension is 79'' x 75'' with a thickness of 8 inches.
  • 【COMFORT】The quality of your sleep differs throughout your night sleep cycle. At some moments it increases and at the other ones -decreases. Restorative sleep stage is the highest level of the body and mind relaxation, when your body temperature is more or less constant. With reaching this stage of sleep you will wake up fully revitalized the next morning. With a gel-infused touch and layered memory foam of this king size mattress the length of your restorative sleep increases greatly.
  • 【BODY SUPPORT】The king size bed mattress is made with 6-inch high-density pressure foam and 2-inch airflow gel-infused memory foam layer. The supremely soft and breathable quilted cover is made of practicable poly jacquard. The high-density foam of the king bed mattress offers unparalleled support for back, stomach and body sides, while the 2'' memory foam layer delivers a breathable touch when contouring and aligning to your body shape and increasing the level of your skeletal health.
  • 【CERTIPUR-US】This bed mattress is certified by the industry leader CertiPUR-US. Each king foam mattress is individually tested to meet the highest requirements of the industry. This certification guarantees an exceptional performance and compliance to all regulations set by CertiPUR-US giving you the best mattress. The king-size mattress bed is great for those, who wants a large bed to fully stretch out in.
  • 【UNPACKING】All our memory foam mattresses are expertly vacuum packaged. We compress and roll the big bed mattress for simplicity of shipping and its fast delivering to your home. Once unpackaged the memory foam mattress, unroll and leave it for about 48 – 72 hours, the 8'' king mattress will gain back its regular size and the faint odor will dissipate even less than 72 hours.

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8 Inches
75 Inches
79 Inches
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