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  • The foam has cooling gel particles, which can absorb the heat emitted by the human body, form a complete thermal cycle between the environment, the human body and the mattress, maintain the sleeping temperature and relieve physical fatigue.
  • Memory foam has high density and slow resilience. It can adapt to the human body flexibly by changing itself according to the sleeping posture, and will not cause pressure on the human body and help blood circulation.
  • With two rows of coil springs, it increases the force- bearing area on the bed and provides strong central support and edge support when sleeping and sitting on both sides of the mattress.
  • The spiral springs are respectively wrapped by non-woven fabrics, which can reduce noise and vibration when someone moves on the bed. Your partner or child will not interfere with each other, which will bring you a good sleep experience.
  • Made of durable and flame- retardant memory foam and knitted materials, certified by CertiPUR- US, with fire resistance and quality assurance, no need to worry.

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