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  • Small cotton sheep fabric is produced from Merino sheep raised in New Zealand. It has high bulkiness, high toughness, purity and low fat, and can regulate humidity
  • Cushion latex, frankincense helps to fall asleep quickly, feels delicate, memorizes body curves, has strong stretching force, and is not easy to deform. Suspended sleep, fits the human body and relieves pressure, every drop of latex comes from nature
  • The edge reinforcement system effectively reduces the bed edge sinking caused by insufficient support on the edge of the mattress, and increases the range of motion on the surface of the mattress. Even the fatter people can better support it, allowing you to enjoy deep sleep
  • It has better body compliance and pressure resilience, and can support the body ideally. At the same time, its balanced, internally connected open honeycomb structure can improve ventilation and air permeability
  • The fabric is soft and breathable. It is superior to cotton's excellent properties such as warmth retention and good skin-friendliness. Due to the stable surface structure of the fiber, the fabric woven has good moisture and breathability (good warmth in winter, dry in summer, Comfortable)

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