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  • 1. The mattress allows you to get a comfortable sleep no matter where you are. Just spread the foam bed on the floor in any room, mobile home or tent to get a comfortable sleep. This bed can easily meet all your sleep needs, then neatly folds up and can be stored in a few seconds.
  • 2. Mattress: 5 areas with different densities provide specific support for your head, shoulders, torso and legs. No matter where you are lying, all our mattresses provide a lot of support and comfort. And it combines high-density foam, which can provide more back support and pillow cover, thereby increasing the cushioning that fits the human body, and is an ideal choice for side lying.
  • 3. Comfortable, breathable 4 cm high mattress: Compared with the conventional filling layer, the sponge provides excellent moisture resistance, making your mattress fresh and breathable. A separate coil can prevent overheating and ensure a cool, refreshing sleep. The firm boundary provides good edge support.
  • 4. Sponge inner core, sound absorption and noise reduction, effectively reduce the shock of turning over, and lasting deep sleep.
  • 5. Quieter and easier: Hybrid mattresses combine the comfort and pressure release of memory foam with the support of the mattress. Minimized movement transmission (vibrating when your partner or child goes to bed) will be suppressed. And there are no irritating chemicals, unpleasant smell and anti-allergic properties.

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