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  • Analysis of core advantages, to experience life for deep sleep, washed cotton fabric, 5-layer filling structure, mattress thickening design, three-dimensional seam technology, non-slip design
  • Washed cotton fabric, soft and delicate fabric, good moisture absorption and breathability, not easy to pilling and fade
  • The five-layer structure is moderately soft and hard, scientifically proportioned and filled, and achieves a cloud sleep experience
  • Mattress thickening design, thick 2.4in design can disperse human body pressure, scientifically matching elastic support; mattress specially designed for cervical spine curve, fits the curve of the human body, fits the curvature of the human cervical spine, sleep on back, side sleep can be obtained Evenly support, make the body more relaxed
  • Three-dimensional joint process, fixed internal fiber filling, high elasticity and fluffy, durable and not easy to deform, multiple anti-slip design, elastic band design around the mattress, non-slip plastic bottom cloth firmly fixed, not easy to move

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