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  • The healthiest mattress in the world: honeycomb-shaped natural breathable latex, body oxygen content increased by 19%, latex close to the bed surface is more suitable for the body, can gently press the whole body during sleep, increase comfort, not only extend the depth of at least 0.5H Sleep, it also increased body oxygen by 19%
  • The polymer temperature control sponge can adjust the temperature of your sleep at any time, intelligently control the temperature of your sleep, the softness of the sponge, can fit the curve of the human body, feel the temperature of every inch of the body skin, and intelligently adjust the suitable sleep temperature
  • We use latex layer + high-density memory foam layered filling to ensure a soft and gentle experience, but also achieve comfort strength support, refuse to collapse, high elastic non-slip elastic, thickened and thick, high resilience, and the four corners are fixed and have good anti-skid effect.
  • Anti-collision rounded corner design, flat and smooth piping technology with rigorous seams, humanized arc-shaped design, effectively avoid bumps and scratches
  • Neatly called meticulous, neatly routed, harsh quality, no burrs on the four sides, left and right seams, no lines, increase edge support

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