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  • 1. The gel pad structure is based on ergonomic design: foam can provide a comfortable and healthy sleeping environment.
  • 2. Suitable for various sleeping postures: The unique design enables the king-size mattress to be shaped into a natural pillow shape, and keeps cool while you sleep, so as to achieve a balance between hardness and softness. It can adapt and fit your body to achieve the best pressure release. It is recommended for back sleeper and side sleeper, you will get continuous support and enjoy a whole night's sleep.
  • 3. A cushion, two sleep experience: a large memory foam mattress, the outer cover provides comfort, while the inner cover provides a smooth and cool feeling. You can choose the one you like.
  • 4. Sleep better: The luxurious multi-layer foam and breathable knitted fabric cover can keep your mattress fresh and cool, allowing you to enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep all night, refreshed and ready for the day.
  • 5. Special packaging-our technology can effectively compress this kind of mattress into a box, which can be easily transported and manipulated into the bedroom; just unpack the box, unfold, and the rest of the mattress can be completed Work and expand to its original shape within 72 hours

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