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  • 1. [High-quality multi-layer mixed mattress] It enhances the support for different parts of the sleeper's body (feet, legs, buttocks, waist, shoulders, neck, head). For restoring sleep experience.
  • 2. [Breathable, skin-friendly mattress] The ultra-luxury slow-rebound foam made of high-density and temperature-sensitive materials can provide incredible heat dissipation and comfort. If you like the feeling of moderate hardness and softness, and want to fall asleep coolly.
  • 3. [Healthy and Hypoallergenic Substances]: The foam has passed the certification and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, mercury and other heavy metals.
  • 4. [Comfortable and durable]: The full foam bed design combines professional knowledge, the best materials and advanced sleeping technology. Memory foam is conducive to continuous airflow and breathability; skin-friendly fabrics can adapt to the environment, keeping the surface of the mattress at an ideal sleeping temperature; strong buoyancy, non-sinking support foam can adapt and fit your body to achieve the best pressure Release; the special foam reduces the movement of the partner, so that y
  • 5. [Easy transportation and setting]: The mattress is packed in a box, which is convenient to transport and easy to install-our mattress is compressed, rolled up and packed in a box, and is conveniently delivered to your door, easy to install. Recommend you The new mattress was restored for 72 hours to restore its original shape.

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