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  • ★FABRIC: The ice silk fabric is made of high-quality plant fiber and added ice silk ingredients. It has the functions of breathable, water absorption and moisture removal. The ice silk fiber has a hollow structure, and the double helix is ​​firmly tightened, which can quickly discharge heat and humidity, and stay asleep for a long time.
  • ★MULTI-LAYER DESIGN: cool silk fabric, Thai latex layer, high-density sponge layer, 3D mesh breathable bottom cover; multi-layer resilient and compressive design. Zero formaldehyde is safe and tasteless, zero pressure and comfortable ridge protection, zero interference and silent turning over.
  • ★HEMMING PROCESS: Humanized hemming design, fine and neat stitches, edge wrapping of the bed cushion, increase the degree of wear resistance of the edge, fine stitches, thereby extending the service life of the latex mattress.
  • ★QUILTING DESIGN: Three-dimensional sewing design positioning, strong three-dimensional effect, durable, enhance the overall appearance, three-dimensional shape, durable, not easy to deform. The quilting process fixes the internal fiber filling, ensures the bulkiness and resilience of the mattress, and distributes the filling evenly.
  • ★MULTI-FUNCTION: good moisture absorption and breathability, foldable, convenient storage, suitable for tatami, hard board bed, floor bunk, dormitory bed, outdoor floor mat, baby crawling mat, temporary floor bunk, yoga mat.

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