Air Conditioning Fan Cooling Mattress, Circulation Water Cooling Mattress, Summer Refrigeration Ice Mattress, Single Person Mattress 1.6M/63Inch Long for Home, Dorm Room, Office (1.6×0.7m, Green)

  • The principle of the water circulation mattress is that the host cools the water through the air energy cooling technology and circulates it to the mattress through the water pipe, which reduces the heat contacted by the bed surface by 3 to 8 degrees, thereby reaching the comfortable and cool temperature of the human body.
  • Advantages of air-conditioning fan: 1. Low-speed mute; 2. Negative ion oxygen bar, air purification gives you a beautiful sleeping environment; 3. Cross-wind blade-the wind blade design of the upward and downward movement of the wind, auxiliary mattress cooling, can also be used as fan air conditioning; 4. Hidden water tank; 5. Hangable design.
  • The water-cooled bed blanket adopts a special PVC/PA material superconducting blanket body, which is smooth, soft and delicate to touch, and it can quickly feel the cold and cool. The edge is integrally pressed by high-temperature hot-pressing technology and can bear 200KG, double-layer water lock, leak proof and pressure proof.
  • Installation: 1. Lay the mattress on the bed, and place the main unit at a position higher than the mattress; 2. Connect the blanket to the main unit with a silicone hose; 3. Open the main unit and add water to the highest water level line ; 4. Turn on the power switch, the water starts to enter the mattress; 5. As the water circulates until the mattress water level drops continue to add water until the water level is stable and no longer drops; 6. Cover the water tank to use it with confidence.
  • When the water level alarm device is triggered, the display shows “E1” and it keeps blinking. At this time, it is necessary to add water to the water tank, and press the “switch” button to eliminate the alarm and continue to work. Open the top water cover and add about 1400ml of tap water or purified water to the water tank. Don’t need to be filled frequently, pay attention to the water level line of the host when adding water, and the water volume cannot exceed the maximum MAX line.

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