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  • ✨DUAL USE FOR WATER AND AIR: The waterbed mattress is made of high quality PVC fabric, which is durable, heat resistant and stretchy. The water bed has been completely upgraded with an additional vent that can be filled with water and vented at the same time. The water bed is perfect for the elderly, children and adults.
  • ✨SUPERIOR LOAD BEARING CAPACITY: The waterbed mattress has a strong load bearing capacity and can carry more than 800 lbs, providing enough support for your feet, legs, waist and head to keep your body comfortable. The waterbed set can fit the body and the mattress perfectly, which can effectively avoid the emptying of joints such as cervical spine and lumbar spine, giving you a comfortable experience.
  • ✨ CONSTANT TEMPERATURE HEATING: The waterbed mattress has an intelligent constant temperature heater, the temperature and time can be adjusted by itself, 24-hour constant temperature heating, and a variety of use modes, providing convenience. The water bed matresses have a display screen, you can see the temperature of the water bed, clearly and clearly.
  • ✨REASONABLE DESIGN: The waterbed insert mattress is more user-friendly and ergonomically designed, with air side support protection around it, it can be placed even without a bed frame. And our water bed for adults has an independent frame inflation port, which can be easily inflated without affecting the use, for your convenience.
  • ✨HOW to USE: The water bed for adults is easy to operate, you just need to put the thermostat in the middle of the water mattress and start inflating it. When the waterbed insert mattress starts to fill with water, you need to open the water filling port and the exhaust port at the same time, insert the water pipe connector, and then discharge the excess air.

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50% Medium Wave
7.9 Inches
84 Inches
72 Inches

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