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Last modified: July 9, 2021 at 1:15 pm


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  • Water-cooled mattress, cooling system air conditioner fan, make it easy to sleep, light and portable, suitable for various indoor and outdoor occasions
  • This portable cooling ceiling can be used overnight with an output of 8 W per cube. It can be switched off automatically after 10 hours of continuous use, so that you can save energy in cool temperatures!
  • The low-noise design high-tech noise reduction technology is sensitive to noise, and users will not be bothered by the sound, even sleeping children and pets will not be woken up during use.
  • This air conditioner cooling pad is easy to use and smart to start with just one touch of a button, so you can feel the portability of the cutting edge technology. This 12V low-voltage power supply for cooling cushions is well below the safety voltage of the human body of 36V and does not generate any electromagnetic radiation. It is very safe to use.
  • The cold therapies tailored to the healing effects of cold therapy help to reduce hot flashes, menopause, body aches and night sweats, so that you can enjoy a more relaxed sleep feeling!

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