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  • ❤Effectively lower the temperature: Apply the cooling technology of science and technology, simply fill the room temperature with pure water to experience the cool feeling. After the host cools the water, the heat of contact between the mattress and the body is reduced by 3 ~ 8 ° through the connecting pipe
  • ❤Function: The wind speed can be adjusted, and the water temperature can be controlled by the wind speed. Timed button setting, timed 12 hours. The cooling function can be adjusted through the negative ion button. Suitable for home, dormitory, hotel, camping, etc.
  • ❤Energy-saving, safe and portable: the maximum power of the cooling host is 8W, there are 2 power supply modes 20,000 mAh mobile power supply can be used for 10 hours, household 1 kWh can be used for 180 hours, there are more energy saving than air conditioning, noise design is less than 30dB
  • ❤Water and electricity separation, easy to clean: Use the water and electricity separation design cooling pad, without any circuit, you can directly clean the mattress with water. The host is safe and stable, giving children a healthy summer
  • ❤Note: 2.5L large-capacity water tank, pay attention to the water level line of the host when adding water, do not need to add water frequently, and the water volume cannot exceed the Max line. When the water level alarm device is triggered, the display shows "E1" and does not stop flashing. , And press the "switch" button to cancel the alarm and continue to work

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