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  • The 99% waveless waterbed mattress with wave-reducing fiber layers is an ideal choice for those who want the comfort and support of a waterbed, but without the annoying waves that can disrupt a good night's sleep. The wave-reducing fiber layers work together to minimize movement and provide a stable sleep surface that conforms to the body.
  • Made with 18 mil vinyl, this waterbed mattress is durable and long-lasting. It can withstand the weight of the water and the pressure of the body without tearing or leaking. The vinyl is also resistant to punctures and tears, so you can rest easy knowing that your mattress will stay in great condition for years to come.
  • The reinforced corners of the waterbed mattress provide extra support and prevent the mattress from sagging or losing its shape over time. This feature is especially important for those who like to sit or lean on the edges of the bed, as it prevents the mattress from collapsing and causing discomfort.
  • The pressure relief sleep, this waterbed mattress ensures that the body is properly supported and aligned, reducing the risk of back pain and other discomforts. The water inside the mattress distributes the weight evenly, reducing pressure points and promoting healthy blood flow.
  • Unlike traditional mattresses, waterbeds can be adjusted to your desired level of firmness or softness, providing a personalized sleep experience. With its wave-reducing fiber layers, this waterbed mattress provides the perfect balance of support and comfort.

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Boyd Flotation
California King
7 Inches
72 Inches
84 Inches
35 Pounds

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