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  • SAFE AND SILENT: The cooling sleeping pad adopts a 12V voltage design, no risk of electric shock. Used for cooling beds. The machine runs very quietly and will not affect your sleep
  • BREATHABLE BLANKET BODY: dense nylon PVC blanket body, smooth, soft, muscle-friendly, delicate touch, nylon surface, wear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, water-absorbing and breathable
  • DURABLE: the edges are integrally pressed by high temperature hot pressing process, which can withstand 200KG, two pressure edges are leak-proof and explosion-proof
  • NEW DESIGN: The water flowing through the mattress will take away the accumulated heat, cool in the cooling device, and then circulate back to the mattress, making people feel cool
  • REFRIGERATION FAN: dual power supply design, using mechanical rotary keys, safe and reliable, more durable, the left is the fan switch, the right is the water circulation switch, you can use the fan or water circulation alone

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