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  • New experience: When people sleep on the rippling surface of the microwave, the water-cooled mattress can completely conform to the body curve. No matter the sleeping position is changed, it can evenly support the weight of the whole body, so that the tired body of the day will come, get complete relaxation and help promote Blood circulation, relieve fatigue, relax muscles, relieve insomnia, cervical spondylosis, spondylosis, make you sleep more comfortable, make your skin smoother and healthier
  • Effective cooling: The water-cooling pad uses air to cool the cooling water of the host, and then pumps it into the pad to form a circulating water path, which takes away the heat from the contact surface of the human body, ensuring that the mattress can continue to cool down, and the temperature of the mattress will not follow the body temperature. Elevated, always keep 3-6℃ lower than the human body, making people feel cool and comfortable. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor camp
  • Energy-saving, safe, and portable: The maximum power of the refrigeration host is 8W, it can be used for 6 hours with a mobile power supply, and it can be used for 150 hours with 1 kilowatt-hour of household electricity, which is more power-saving than the air conditioner, and the noise design is less than 48dB.
  • Stay healthy: The water dispenser can use air-cooled pads in natural open spaces to effectively solve the problem of long-term use of air conditioners in a closed environment to absorb human moisture and cause skin moisture loss. Or blowing directly with a fan can cause headaches, nasal congestion, and neck stiffness. Chest tightness and muscle aches. Weakness of limbs and other diseases!
  • Separation of water and electricity, easy to clean: The non-circuit cooling pad with water and electricity separation design can directly wash the mattress with water. In addition, it adopts a microcomputer cooling control system with overheat protection, water shortage and power failure, memory function, timing shutdown and water and electricity separation design. The host is safe and stable.

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