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  • 【EXQUISITE SLEEP】: This constant temperature water bed is a mattress that integrates function and practicality, and the sleeping experience is more comfortable than ordinary spring beds. Let you sleep on waterbed mattresses to relieve the fatigue of the day, be energetic, and enjoy personalized sleep. For insomnia, waist discomfort has a very good auxiliary effect.
  • 【INTELLIGENT CONSTANT TEMPERATURE】: This water bed mattress adopts core intelligent heating constant temperature technology. It can be set to a weekly planning mode: set different time points and temperatures every day, and program the operation of four-session time settings. It can also be a daily planning mode: 12 time points and temperatures can be set, programmed to run, and enjoy free sleep easily.
  • 【STRONG LOAD-BEARING CAPACITY】: The water bed for adults has strong load-bearing capacity, it can bear more than 2200 pounds after filling with water, providing enough support for your feet, legs, waist and head. The full-size water bed allows the body to fit naturally with the mattress, avoiding the emptiness of joints such as the cervical spine and lumbar spine, and effectively supporting the body to relax.
  • 【EASY TO OPERATE】: The full-size water bed has an independent inflatable safety support frame, and the edge of the water pad is supported and protected by the air side. When inflated with air, it supports and protects the water in the middle like a pool. If you accidentally puncture the side, it will only leak air, not water. If the bed surface is accidentally punctured, the frame will be like a pool, and the water in the middle will not flow to the ground and wet the floor.
  • 【SMALL WAVE DESIGN】: The small wave water mattress adopts a relatively dense internal water-blocking structure, so the shaking is relatively small. And it is much softer than ordinary mattresses, and the softness is similar to that of soft sofas. Sleeping with two people basically has no effect on the people around you. It is more suitable for people who are new to water mattresses.

Product Details

95% Small Wave
X Long Twin-39x80
7.9 Inches
39 Inches
80 Inches
29 Pounds

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